I really want to blog

I really want to blog everyday. I do. I sit here and plan out posts…
And then I never type them up. I don’t remember when I developed anxiety. I know it was before my stroke, but I am not sure how it happened either! Did it start slowly? Was I always anxious and just unaware of it?

I wish I could be more like Macavity. He is not a nervous cat. He goes and does whatever he wants. When something doesn’t go as he planned, he just moves on. 

Instead I’m like these fireworks… In a constant state of upheaval, until I run out of get up and go! 

I felt better after we went camping in June. Whitney Portals Camp Grounds is where my parents used to take us camping, so this year we took the kids. They declared it to be the best mountain camping trip ever!!!!!! 

Maybe that is the secret! Maybe I just need to get out in nature more…


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