Subscription Box Fever

I don’t know about you, but I have been bit hard by the subscription box fever. It started because friends of mine were always posting cute unboxing videos to youtube or cute pictures to Instagram. Then, in October, when Owen got his first big school check of the year I did it. I subscribed to the two boxes I felt would interest me the most. The first one is Owlcrate, a YA reader subscription box. Every month they have a theme. They send you a book and several bookish items in that theme. For me, I did the month to month at first. I wasn’t positive I would love the boxes and I wanted to be able to opt out at any time, without feeling like I wasted a bunch of money up front if I was unhappy.


My first Owlcrate did not disappoint.


My second Owlcrate did not disappoint.


My third Owlcrate did not disappoint.

Maybe it is because I live in the USA, but I typically get my box from Owlcrate within two and a half weeks of me auto paying them through my bank. I think I am going to discuss paying for a full six months up front with Owen… I love that the card that comes with each box tells me where my items are from, including the vendors/craftpersons they came from so that I can go check out their other stuff.


Then there is the Spooky box club subscription. I have much love for and a few complaints about this box.

I am going to start of with my complaints so I end with the good. First of all I don’t like that they charge on the 13th of the month. It doesn’t matter if you pay for a year up front, on the first of August. That money isn’t coming out until the 13th. Now I realize this is a personal problem. We have one income and it only pays us on the first of every month. I know that the money for this box is going to come out, but sometimes in all the chaos I forget that it won’t be coming out until the 13th and I plan the rest of the month like it went out on the first, like EVERYTHING ELSE we autopay. I know it is my responsibility to keep track of where every penny of our money goes. I said this one was a personal preference thing. I mean they tell you up front that it will not come out till the 13th. Of course what they don’t make super clear unless you specifically ask them is that you are not paying for the same months box. You are paying for the next months box… which may not come for more than 6 weeks, closer to 8 weeks if you are like me and you have to wait for it to clear customs in San Francisco. As an example: My first payment was paid October 13. My first box arrived December 16th. My second box arrived January 4th…. it was a “Hexmas” themed box filled with Spooky Christmas goodies…. that immediately got sorted into things that got put away with the Christmas decor and things I kept out to be used either year round or close to it. I have not received my third box yet. I do not know when I will get it. I like reliability. Especially in something I am spending so much money on. I am also not a fan of how expensive shipping is. I wish there was an American goth subscription box as nice as this one (Which is shipped from the UK) because spending $22 a box on shipping is a lot.

Well that is more than enough of negativity. There are a lot of things to like about this box, which is why I have not cancelled my subscription already. First of all, everything in the boxes is really cool. A lot of it is things you cannot get anywhere else. Or maybe you could if they told you who their suppliers are like Owlcrate does. I don’t know. They may have almost everything specially made for them. I have no idea. I feel like what I got is worth either more or close to as much as I pay for the subscription and the shipping. So that makes the shipping easier to pay. I think the things put in the boxes to match each months theme has really fit the theme as well. Maybe I should just show you how cool the stuff in the boxes is!


This was my first box. The theme was “Victorian Boudoir” (I think).


This was the Hexmas box. The sparkly ghost and bat ornaments are so adorable that I am considering putting together a Nightmare Before Christmas tree together for next year that I would put up on November 1st and leave up until Christmas. I don’t know how my Mother in Law would take that though, so I am still thinking it over.

There are several other subscription boxes I would really love to get, but I can’t currently financially justify them. Poststitch sends out a knitting project with all the supplies you need included every month. You can pick a sock subscription or a “big” project subscription plan. Lootcrate has several types of geeky boxes to choose from. Owen receives their Starwars box, which comes every other month. They also just started a geeky pet box that I would love to get for our house full of cats and dogs. Tea Sparrow sends tea. MISTER GHOST’S HIGHLY ENVIABLE MONTHLY PARCEL OF SIMPLE YET AMAZING WONDERMENTS is a gothy stationary supplies box. Planner Packs sends out planner supplies like washi tapes and pens and other cool stuff from Etsy sellers, etc. Uppercase Box is another YA reader box.

Then of course there are always clubs from indie yarn dyers, bag makers, stationary makers and so much more!

Maybe some day I will get more. For now I am trying these two.



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