The Holidays are Hard.

The Holidays are hard on our family. First of all, Owen is a full time student. This means that our resources are limited and we choose not to spend them living lavishly.

We have been getting new family portraits taken each year though! I wanted them done last year because we didn’t have one with Oliver in it. Then I had my stroke, and all the issues that have come with that, and it became very important to me to take lots of pictures of the kids and me and Owen and all of us together as often as I could.

This year’s family photo shoot was a bit of a disaster. I wanted us to look like it was fall, because they were taken in fall…. but this has been an odd year, weather-wise, and so it was 100 degrees fahrenheit the day we had our pictures taken. Everyone was overheated. I was feeling ill, so I had to be in my chair most of the time. Nobody wanted their pictures taken.

Luckily for us our family photographer, Kristy Collins of HaileyGrace Photography, is a saint and a genius! She managed to take/composite several fantastic photographs of us all!


This is all of us, right before I became wheelchair bound for the day.


This is post wheelchair. In most ways I like this picture the best out of the two, I just wish part of Alexander’s face wasn’t obstructed by Mikaela’s head.

Then of course there are the individual shots of the kids and the couple shot of Owen and Me.












Me and Owen. He is basically holding me up in this shot…

Poor Owen is all scrunched down in this shot and as a result looks like he has multiple chins and no neck. If you know Owen at all, you know he has about half a foot of neck and only one chin! He looks so happy though!

SO the holidays may be hard for us, but at least we are a photogenic family, Right???




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